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Equipment List and Suppliers

The following table provides information about equipment commonly used to install a LawnCheck direct Internet-to-controller irrigation scheduling system. The table lists both required and optional equipment. See Notes below.

Description Name - PN Manufacturer Approx Cost Need
Ethernet Sprinkler Controller EtherRain-8 QuickSmart $150.00 Required
24V Transformer UT-1 or Equal Rainbird $17.00 Required
Rain Sensor Mini-Clik Hunter $28.00 Optional
Rain Sensor RSD-BEX Rainbird $28.00 Optional
Rain Sensor ER-RD QuickSmart $9.00 Optional
Soil Moisture Sensor Waterswitch WS1 Irrometer $120.00 Optional
Wireless Bridge WET610N or WET54g Linksys/Cisco $80.00 Optional
Wireless Bridge WNCE2001 Netgear $45.00 Optional
Wireless Bridge Airport Express Apple $90.00 Optional
Powerline Adaptors XE103 NetGear $90.00 Optional

Please visit your preferred dealer, installer, or other outlet, to obtain the necessary equipment.

If you are having trouble locating equipment, or if you have questions about product compatability, please contact us via email.

Additional information about compatible equipment as well as usage information can be found on our forum.

A LawnCheck based sprinkler control system is very easy for the average DIY'er to install. If you contact us prior to purchasing your controllers we may be able to pre-configure your controller so all you have to do is mount it, connect the valve wires, and plug it in!


Valve Controller

Currently, LawnCheck provides direct Internet-to-Controller scheduling and irrigation for EtherRain 8 and EtherRain 7P sprinkler valve controllers from QuickSmart. For information about these controllers, click here . To to download the EtherRain 8 Brochure (.pdf) click here .


A transformer that provides 24VAC is required for use in every standard residential irrigation system. If you currently have an automatic irrigation system you can most likely use your current transformer. Specifications for the transformer are: Output Voltage: 24VAC; Output Current: .2 Amps to .6 Amps approx.


LawnCheck provides local weather information by zip code using Yahoo! Weather. LawnCheck provides the capability to automatically block irrigation cycles when the current local weather conditions indicate precipitation. A rain sensor is recommended in cases where it is desireable to block irrigation for a period after rain has ended.

For those who live in a location (micro climate) where the zip code forecast does not closely match their weather conditions the addition of a rain or soil moisture sensor might help to provide more optimal irrigation.

Wireless/WiFi Network Connection

EtherRain sprinkler valve controllers have a standard Ethernet port and use standard networking protocols. The controllers can be connected to your wireless network using a wireless bridge. For more information on using WiFi, click here.

Network Extension Using Powerline Adaptors

Powerline network adaptors can be used with EtherRain to provide a convenient network port at your install location. NetGear XE-102 or XE103 work nicely. For more information, click here.

Please visit the LawnCheck forum for any questions about installation, compatibility, setup, programming, and other details.