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Internet Irrigation/Sprinkler Control

A smart. weather-controlled Internet sprinkler controller for EtherRain. LawnCheck is a complete irrigation control system offering easy access and weather smart programming while communicating directly with your Internet connected EtherRain controllers.

Choose LawnCheck to power your irrigation system for easier programming, more convenient access, and more environmentally friendly weather-aware smart control.

LawnCheck uses the Weather Forecast to Reduce your water bill.    Find Out How


With integrated weather support, LawnCheck makes it easy to eliminate needless irrigation before, during, and after rainy weather and during cool weather. Smartphone and tablet access allows easy valve testing and initiation of manual cycles.


Worldwide browser access, automatic clock setting, and no battery headaches. In addition, LawnCheck scheduling setup is so intuitive that there is no user manual, and the forum provides answers to your advanced questions.


There are many reasons to conserve water. As water rates increase, saving money by reducing water usage certainly ranks as a top reason. LawnCheck lets you conserve without negatively effecting your landscape through easy-to-use controls like seasonal setbacks, and weather dependent cycle control.   

LawnCheck Internet Sprinkler Controller converves water

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Get Started:

To use LawnCheck you need always-on Internet and an EtherRain valve controller, however you can get started without either. Here's how:

  1. Create an Account (it's free)
  2. Enter your Irrigation Schedule
  3. Setup your Controller


May 29, 2021. OpenWeather is now supported on LawnCheck. Click here for more information. .

May 24, 2021. On June 1, 2021, the Yahoo Weather API will be retired and will cease to function. If you currently use Yahoo Weather please check back soon to change your weather provider.

April 10, 2019. LawnCheck now supports Weather Underground's new "PWS Contributors" weather feed. Use of this feed requires a "PWS Contributors" key available from Weather Underground.

March 5, 2019. The precipitation control for Yahoo Weather within LawnCheck has been enhanced. LawnCheck can now control irrigation cycles using Yahoo Weather to block forecasted precipitation before and after precipitation has occurred. View the weather help page for more information.

March 1, 2019. Weather Underground has discontinued it's free "Developer" weather feed. LawnCheck now supports both Yahoo Weather and DarkSky weather. Both services provide accurate, responsive, local weather.

February 20, 2019. The DarkSky weather feed is now supported by LawnCheck. DarkSky provides accurate forecasts worldwide, including PoP (probability of precipitation).

January 26, 2019. The Yahoo! weather feed has been updated to use Yahoo!'s new weather APIs. Yahoo! weather is available around the world using a "where on Earth ID" (WOEID).

July 20, 2018. WeatherUnderground is no longer providing free access keys. Existing WU keys still work. If you don't already have a key you'll need to use the Yahoo! weather feed.

July 17, 2016. Yahoo! Weather now only supports WOEID codes. LawnCheck has been updated to reflect this. No changes for WeatherUnderground feeds.

September 15, 2015. LawnCheck now supports chained controllers making 16 and 24 zone programs easy to setup.

October 10, 2014. LawnCheck has been providing reliable, weather-based irrigation scheduling around the world for six years now! Welcome new users.

September 1, 2013. A weather log is now available on the reports tab.

June 1, 2013. WU weather control is working nicely. For more information on using weather to optimize your irrigation view our weather help page.

March 17, 2013. We've added support for Weather Undgerground weather feeds!

October, 2012. LawnCheck is 4 years old this month. Original LawnCheck users haven't had to change a battery, adjust their irrigation clocks for daylight savings time, or manually turn their controllers on and off for four years!

August 1, 2012. Lawncheck continues gaining new users and now serves customers on 5 continents!

October, 2011. LawnCheck is 3 years old this month. Cheers!

October 16, 2011. LawnCheck SmartPhone site ( has been updated and is now easier to use with an iPhone or Android.

September 10, 2011. Immediate valve testing is now available through our SmartPhone site. It's now very easy to test zones while in the yard using an iPhone or Andriod SmartPhone. Your SmartPhone will use either local wifi or cell data connection so you'll always be in range while enjoying immediate response. (this is an optional feature)

December 29, 2010. SERVER UPGRADE: we've switched to a cloud type server for increased capacity. There should be no interruption, however some older routers may need to be power-cycled to receive an updated IP address.

October, 2010. LawnCheck is 2 years old this month. New and existing users again contributed many new ideas during the past year. Hope to fill some of the new feature requests soon...

August 15, 2010. SERVER UPGRADE: the server has been upgraded to handle the increased number of LawnCheck users. Some cycles may have skipped during this changeover and we appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You may need to POWER CYCLE your controller to regain operating Status.

May, 2010. LawnCheck now provides scheduling options that allow you to easily comply with odd/even irrigation ordinances.

January, 2010. A slight visual re-design has been implemented, cleaning up quirks involving IE8, Safari, and Opera.

October, 2009. LawnCheck is 1 year old this month. We'd like to say thanks to all LawnCheck users and special thanks to those who contributed ideas and suggestions throughout the year.

July, 2009. A "temporary suspend" feature is now available. Scheduled programs can be temporarily suspended and will automatically restart when the suspension period lapses.

June, 2009. Multiple quick cycles can now be defined and saved providing easier off-schedule irrigation, especially when using a smartphone.

June, 2009. Weather support is now being provided for Canada on a location code basis.

May, 2009. The Smart Tree program template is now available to allow you to easily irrigate your trees the way tree experts recommend.

April, 2009. RainBrain is now available. RainBrain is an option that blocks or reduces irrigation on days after periods of rain. Requires a local rain sensor.

March, 2009. SmartPhone site for phones with an HTML browser is now operational. (

March, 2009. Comprehensive Alerts are now tested and operational.

January, 2009. Connection Logs and Water Usage Statistics are now Available.

December, 2008. Multi-Cycle has been added. Multi-Cycle optionally splits a program into multiple shorter cycles to enhance absorption and eliminate runoff.

November, 2008. Our Forum is now running. The forum currently houses FAQ, Help, and topical discussion.

October, 2008. Yahoo Weather has been integrated in to the scheduler. Weather dependent scheduling is now available.

September, 2008. LawnCheck is currently available for use in beta test mode. The scheduler is up and running. We are optimizing the user interface and working on adding features.

January, 2008. EtherRain controllers are now available. Click Here for information

Browser Requirements: Java Script Enabled; Cookies Enabled.

Easy, reliable, and accessible smart sprinkler control.