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Moving my Rainbird clock program

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Hi Gangee,
Thanks for posting your schedule.  I see your dilemma.  I've upgraded your account.  It will be more difficult to track the operating times of the controller and software to test overlap isn't ready at this time, though it is on the list.


That's great, Jim.

How soon will it be ready?

Also, I have my Schedule setup and ready to go. 

Thanks again,

You should be able to add all additional programs immediately.  If not please send me an email.



Yes, I've added Programs.

I also found a bug!

I had a Program setup with just one zone; zone 8, 45 minutes.  When I went to edit the Program, change the minutes to 15, it complained that "You need to enter minutes for at least one zone".  In order to make the change, I had to delete the Program and start over.

So is this ready to run live now?

Hi Gangee,

Thanks for reporting that bug.  This bug has been verifieda and fixed.

You should be able to use LawnCheck at any time.



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