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Moving my Rainbird clock program

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Here is how my Rainbird clock is set now. I need to know how to copy this in Lawncheck.  I left the days out to make it easier to read.

Program A. 20 minutes zone 3, 20 minutes zone 4, 30 minutes zone 5. 9pm start time.  
Program B.  15 minutes zone 2, 10 minutes zone 6.  10:00 am, 12:30pm, 5:00pm start times.
Program C.  5 minutes zone 1, 7 minutes zone 7.  7:00am, 11:00am, 4:15pm start times.
Program D.  45 minutes zone 8.  9pm start time.  Drip.                                    
The way I understand Lawncheck, each Program can only have 1 start time.  I see there's cycles, but the most time between cycles is only 45 minutes.  Program C has a 4:45 delay.  Looks like I would need a total of 8 Programs.




I just went in and setup my stuff.

Yeah, so it looks to me like I need 3 more Programs, a total of 8 to match my Rainbird setup. 

Are you planning on adding Programs anytime soon?  If not, I guess I have to send this back which I really don't want to do.  It seems to me like others will need more Programs, too.  How long would it take you to add...5 more Programs?

Hi Gangee,

Thanks for posting your schedule.  First question: What are you growing?

I think there are two solutions for your application.  One, we can provide extra 5 programs, for a total of ten, it's not a basic service so there'd be a slight charge.  Two if you wish to send or post your schedule including some indication of what is being grown in each of the zones, it's possible that we can work your schedule back into 5 or less programs.  

Unless you are growing something very exotic, or not very native to the landscape there is no need for three start times a day - even for a vegetable garden.    If you are growing something exotic, commercial agriculture, and/or expensive that absolutely requires this schedule, it is possible that Lawncheck may not provide the most optimal solution for you.    If you have baked dry clay soil, the multi-cycle feature will do the job.  It is very possible that the program schedule set up by the RainBird timer instructions was due to some limitations within the timer.

In any event please either post here or send an email and we'll provide a solution for you.


Hi Jim,

We live in a small town, Eagle CO.  When we moved up here from Denver, we didn't know anyone up here.  It was boom times then.  You couldn't find a landscaper and when you did, it was "wham, bam, thank you mam".  So the landscaper who did our yard botched it.  Then we brought in another landscaping company, they made it worse.  We've been through two landscaping companies since.  

Now, we know people.  A friend who retired from the town (taking care of their landscaping and flower beds) and is a Master Gardener is helping us. He's great, really knows his stuff.    

My yard is big, 6/10 acre. We have 32 trees on the property.

Yes, we do have some growth that's not exactly native to the landscape.  For example our place is 6800 feet.  We have some Aspens and Aspens don't typically grow at this altitude.  They grow above 8000 feet. We have some wildflowers we put in.  They're doing good, but one section was planted in an area that's always in the sun and that's not good for wildflowers.  So rather than take them out, we're watering them for a few minutes a couple times a day.  So this is one example where we need multiple start times.  

Another example of multiple start times is that we have a zone with flowers on one side of the house and Kentucky Blue on the other.  So in order to water the flowers, the Kentucky Blue also gets watered which is a waste.  We have other zones with the same problems;  in order to water a small area, we have to water a big area that doesn't even need water.  My wife has a garden.  Same problem.  In order to water the garden, we have to water areas that don't need it.    

next post...

part 2...

I don't want to waste water.  It's not the cost, it's the kharma.  I have solar panels, I'm all about conservation.  My choices are either rip out the landscaping or change the irrigation system to be more efficient.  

Our landscaping is nice, we love it -- we're not ripping it out.  So we're changing the irrigation system.  Tom has been putting in 80% efficient Rainbird heads, we've moving heads.  Then this fall we're going to add some zones.  I've learned about landscaping the hard way, as you can see.  I'm sure that with more zones, I can get my water bill down and not waste water, which I admit I'm doing now.  It bothers me.  When we do, we'll be able to water just the flowers, or only the garden.  I'm convinced the combination of Lawncheck and EtherRain will do the trick.

So yes, please add 5 Programs for me.  If you don't want to post the cost here, send me an email.  

And if there's anything you need, let me know.


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