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Moving my Rainbird clock program

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Good morning Jim,

Just wanted you to know that so far, so good!  My schedules are running, I'm free from my freaking Rainbird clock!  Really happy about it.  Just last night I was cruising my Schedules on LawnCheck, showing my wife that I can control my sprinklers from my iPad.  I made a few changes that I normally would not have done due to "clock phobia".  These changes will save me water, the cost and hassle of calling my landscaping guy. 

So it's great.

I'm having him install the rain sensor I bought from you this week, so that'll save even more water.

Then this fall we'll most likely add 2 zones.  This will also cut down on water.  My goal is to get our water bill down to around $200.00 per month next year. For a place our size, with the amount of landscaping we have, that's pretty good.

So the short story is that I couldn't be happier so far with EtherRain and LawnCheck. 

I'd also like to compliment you on this forum and the outstanding customer service you provide.  You're always prompt with replies to my questions, thanks.  You add a lot to the value.  Unless you have me fooled, I'd say you enjoy this.   ;)


Hi Gangee,

Thanks for your posts.  I think others will benefit from your posts and from the explanations.  Good to hear that LawnCheck will help you save water. 



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