Author Topic: My LawnCheck connection log shows long outages frequently - Part II  (Read 10560 times)


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If your outages are not caused by bandwidth hogging software applications then the next step is to check your router or DSL/Cable Modem.

Many modern modems integrate the modem, router and switch into one box, and these units generally provide error statistics.  If you have such a device, you should consult your owners manual to find out how to view the error statistics.  If you see errors you should contact your service provider to see if they can increase the quality of your connection.

If you can't view statistics from your Internet connection modem, and you are experiencing spotty service, not just in LawnCheck but with your other applications, you should contact your service provider.   They can track outage statistics and there is a good chance that they can make network changes to increase connection quality.

In the meantime, if your connection log shows consistent outages of 1 to 4 hours, you can use the extended service options provided when setting up an irrigation program to reduce the chances that a connection outage will cause any skipped cycles. 

LawnCheck also monitors for skipped cycles and provides email notification on a 24 hour basis should any cycles not be delivered to your controller.

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