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How to seasonally scale irrigation using LawnCheck
« on: November 19, 2008, 12:22:02 pm »
LawnCheck lets you easily and automatically vary the amount of water you apply to your landscape depending on the month of the year.  We call this technique "seasonal scaling."  You may also hear it referred to as "seasonal setback."  Here's how to use this feature to save water.

From the device schedule, click the Edit icon to display the Edit Program form:

1.  Fill in the minutes per zone for each zone so that your landscape gets about the right level of irrigation during the warmest months of the year.
2.  In the "Months-On" block.  Select a percent scale factor of 100% for the the warmest months.  During these months, LawnCheck issued irrigation commands will contain the zone minutes you have entered.
3.  For cooler months (spring and fall) select a percent scale factor of less than 100%.  During these months LawnCheck will automatically reduce the minutes by the scale factor.
4.  For months that you don't want irrigation at all, select the 0% scale factor.  LawnCheck will not issue commands for the cycle during months that have a 0% scale factor.

With LawnCheck, you can define up to 5 independent programs, each one with a different seasonal scaling factor.  You can define cycles that are either "full on" (ie., 100%) or "full off" (ie., 0%) or somewhere in between, during different months of the year.

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