Author Topic: What are the Greatest Benefits to using LawnCheck?  (Read 13347 times)


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What are the Greatest Benefits to using LawnCheck?
« on: November 18, 2008, 10:37:53 am »
LawnCheck was designed for the following main reasons:

1.  To provide smart irrigation control that substantially reduces or eliminates wasted water while being usable and affordable for owners of average-sized automated sprinkler systems.

2.  To provide much easier access, and much greater control of automated sprinkler/irrigation systems without impacting reliability.

The main benefits provided by LawnCheck are:

1.  LawnCheck will save money on water without negatively effecting a landscape through the use of smarter irrigation control programs that use weather and seasonal information to eliminate wasted water.
2.  LawnCheck is easier to program and provides more flexibility in comparison to timer boxes and other app-based solutions.
3.  LawnCheck is flexible lets you setup a year around schedule that can automatically engage and disengage as the seasons change.  Setting up these irrigation programs is easy.
4.  LawnCheck provides standardized remote access for more efficient schedule changes. (Use your smartphone for a remote!)
5.  LawnCheck reduces maintenance time by eliminating clock setting, battery problems, and time spent fiddling with controls.

LawnCheck is your best solution if:
1.  you want to cut your water bills while maintaining your property.
2.  you want more freedom; ie, remote access without proprietary gizmos that get lost; you want to use a standard browser, smartphone, or iPhone.
3.  you want a more desirable interface that is easier to use.  You do not like programming your controller using the knobs, switches, or small, hard-to-read displays that are provided by timer boxes or apps.
4.  you do not like having to replace batteries or reset clocks after daylight savings and power outages.

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