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Increased polling frequency during manual mode

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Would it be possible to increase the polling frequency of the device when it has been scheduled in manual mode?  Specifically, if there is a call for a "quick cycle" it would be nice if it would poll more frequently for perhaps 10 minutes past the last quick cycle request.  This would allow easier testing and repair of the sprinklers.


It's a good question.  We think the best option will be the Smart Phone application (admittedly not available at this time).  Even if we had a 30 second checkin/poll time, that would still be a lot of water released in the case of a pipe blowout.  At this point best to test with the manual valve override or a wifi notebook with ERAdmin.  Much of the issue revolves around increased server burden during the cycle, then as you say, for 10 ro 15 minutes afterwards.



I would have to think the server load would be pretty low if it was only triggered on a "quick cycle" or something like that. Perhaps a fraction of the sprinkler run time? But you guys know much more about the current server load. 

I was specifically thinking about walking around adjusting sprinkler heads, etc.  Some of them are easier to mess with when off.

I have thought of requesting this as well, just never got around to it.  I think it would be very helpful.

Do you have stats on how often people request a quick cycle?  It doesn't seem like a couple of people using it at the same time would hurt the server, although if everyone decided to run a test at the same time Saturday morning I could see how it would be a problem :)

How about immediate or instant response when valve testing?   I've just implemented a new feature, "Imediate Valve Test" which allows instant on/off of single zones with a run time range of 10 to 90 seconds per zone for testing and maintenance.  This is implemented on the LawnCheck SmartPhone site:

To use this you need to have a fairly modern router with some mostly standard features and you have to configure your router.  For most this is fairly easy, and it is also secure.  I think this is the best alternative for testing because you can access through Wifi or your phone connection to the Internet.  In addition you can give the share code to your landscape people and they can perform the tests through their smartphones without accessing your Wifi.

There will be a one time fee for this feature, eventually, but if anyone on the board is interested I'll activate your account for immediate valve test for no charge as beta testers (once activated it's yours, no charge).  Test period expires August 1, 2011.

Post here if you are interested.



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