Author Topic: What if the network goes down while my sprinkler cycle is running?  (Read 12203 times)


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Your controller receives the instructions for the entire cycle in one command, so it won't turn on unless it knows when to turn off. A network outage in the middle of a cycle won't effect the operation your the controller.  If an irrigate command is delivered to your controller, the complete cycle will run, even if your connection cuts out before cycle start time or during the cycle.  

Both the controller hardware and software have been designed for the highest reliability.  LawnCheck and EtherRain use a command structure that is much more reliable than that used in typical computer based irrigation systems.  In addition, unlike many currently available home automation controllers, the EtherRain controller was professionally designed from the ground up specifically for irrigation, and has multiple watchdog timers built into it to prevent runaway cycles.
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