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Adding a Notepad to keep details of each zone



If you ever get the chance, it'd be great to have a place to type in a more detailed description of what each zone is for.  The label is fine, but a few more characters there would be nice.

On the "User Home" page you could have a notes section to put in the details of each zone.  Or even better, in the Schedule view it looks like there's room to add a Notepad icon.  I could click on the Notepad icon be able to view/edit the description. 

For example my zone 2, I would keep these details:
"South side of the house, the "dryland area".  Apartment Wildflowers.  East side of the fence and Wildflowers on the North side of the fence".

Just some suggestions...

Hello Gangee,

It's a good idea and is possible.  We've just implemented the sequential linking (which was quite complicated ordeal, though it now works) and will do a slight rebrand before thinking about additional features.

Thank you for the request.



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