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Irrigation Restrictions - Odd/Even
« on: May 22, 2010, 02:30:09 pm »
A search on "odd-even watering restrictions" brings up a huge list of results.  While we don't favor odd/even as a conservation approach the fact is many communities have adopted ordinances that limit lawn irrigation to even or odd days of the month.   Many of these ordinances tie the address of the property being irrigated to the day of the week that water can be applied.  Strange, but possibly done to make enforcement easier.

If you are under an "even/odd" ordinance you can select a check box option in the program edit screen of LawnCheck's smart landscape program which will result in irrigation commands being delivered only on odd or even days of the month.  Check the box the corresponds to days on which you are allowed to water: even or odd.

You can then set up your schedule as you wish.  Odd/Even does make it difficult to set up a conservative schedule.  We recommend that you turn all days of the week on, and leave weekends off.  LawnCheck will block all scheduled irrigation events that occur outside of the "even" or "odd" days that you have specified.  LawnCheck will note the blockage in the irrigation log.

Note:  Quick Cycles and the Smart tree programs are not effected by this option.  Restriction options are set on a program basis.
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