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Hey Jim,

Well, I'll defer to your experience.  I still haven't hooked up my wires, I'm waiting for my landscaping guy to come over and document my 8 zones.  It should be in another day or so.  I'm all about water conservation, in fact I'm all about conservation.  Here's a link to our solar install:

Maybe adding more Programs is the way to go.  But I can't say, until I've had a chance to dink around with this.  I'll definitely be providing feedback. 

For me, for my yard, I plan on adding a few more zones -- to save water.  Right now, my zones cover a wide area because our yard has changed so much since we moved in.  Now it's stable.  For example I have a zone that waters my wild flowers, along with some of the native grass.  I want to separate that particular zone into 2 zones, so I can have one zone just for my wild flowers.  In other words, I end up watering grass when all I really want to do is water my wild flowers -- because that's how the zone is setup.  So I'm wasting water.  So if I can add some more zones in my yard, that should save water.

What really caught my eye and sold me on what you're doing, was that I could see right away where I'd save water.  Because, I could use software to control my zones.  Then, having up to 24 zones, 3 boxes.  I won't end up with 24, but I bet I'll end up with 12 or so.  Again, I want to break my yard up into smaller zones, to save water.

Stay tuned...


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