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I sometimes receive questions about whether LawnCheck can start multiple cycles on the same day.  The answer of course is:  yes.  Because LawnCheck provides 5 independent programs and you can set up an independent schedule for each program.

I sometimes see irrigation controllers that provide only 2 programs, but claim to also offer up to 20 start times per day.  I've always wondered why anyone would provide that type of feature.  Especially given that you really only want to irrigate a residential lawn or garden once every two days, at the most (again depending on conditions).

That being said one could argue that the 20 start times provides a nice little "cycle and soak" capability.  True.  However LawnCheck also provides a one click "cycle and soak" capability for each program, so in that sense offers multiple start times per program (though you only have to specify one start time).

Any one ever find a need for 20 program starts per day for their residential lawn or garden?

Hey Jim,

I'm confused.  I see that you can have 5 Programs.  But how do you setup an independent schedule for each Program?
Sorry, I'll get the hang of this and then I won't bug you so much. ;)


Hi Ganjee,

Once you have defined a program, (this is done by adding a program) you can set up the schedule including start time, zone times, days of the week, and months of the year.  You can add weather control also.

To modify a program once it is added just click the Pad/Pencil icon on the schedule page.  To add new programs click the "Actions" tab.

Hope this helps,

Good morning Jim,

So you can have a total of 5 Programs, right?  I think this is fine, I can make it work.  But it'd be good if each Program could also have 2 start times.  Is this possible? 

If not, maybe add this to your list.  I'm just trying to replicate what my Rainbird clock has now.


Hi Gangee,

Yes you can set up a total of 5 independent programs.  We think that should exceed most needs for residential irrigation, even with programs defined for seasonal use or weather specific programs.

LawnCheck supports multiple start start times under the guise of "Multi Cycle," though these are not independent start times.  Multi cycle is used to reduce the potential for run-off.

The main goals with Lawncheck are:  1 provide conservation oriented irrigation for residential use.  2.  Maintain an easy-to-use interface.  So we will take a hard look at suggestions that help maintain these objectives.

From everything that I read/hear about water conservation it seems that the experts recommend less water cycles that run longer.  So multiple start times for a program is counter to that advice.  It's possible that specialized needs exist that require multiple irrigation cycles per day, for example maybe gardens.  However it is hoped that this can be handled by the increased number (5) of independent programs offered. 

Comments invited,



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