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Suggest have a Dashboard Status on Lawncheck to indicate as to which relay is on or off

Hi Chris,
The suggestion for a dashboard status is a good one and we've thought about it.  LawnCheck generally runs with about a 5 minute delay (3 minutes on average) in reporting status between the the device and the web page, so we didn't put one in initially.  LawnCheck receives the relay index with every check in so it would be possible to do.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm a new user and love the functionality, and also would like to see something like this. Is there something that could be made accessible to the user directly through the local EViro Server (http://192.168.*.*/) or perhaps through OptiRain, that would display what is happening at the moment in real-time, such as "zone 3 is active for 7 minutes"  that way there would be no delay or traffic generated on the lawn check server.

Hello jack10562,
LawnCheck was devised more as a hands-off scheduler providing alerts only  if a cycle doesn't run or if a controller doesn't check in.  A dashboard on LawnCheck would eat up processing cycles on our server and would always be delayed because of polling.

A local program, like EtherRain Admin or OptiRain could provide this monitoring functionality.  If you run a test cycle from EtherRain admin it does provides a 10 second update, it's not an exciting looking dashboard however   So a local program would work best, a status command would have to be sent to the controller every 10 seconds with the status displayed on the screen.   We won't be able to provide this functionality this year due to a long list of priorities, but will keep it in the queue.


Funny, I had the same thought this morning.

I've only recently connected my EtherRain because it took me a while to get a LAN cable to the weather proof box outside.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with the setup and the options and agree that it should be more hands off. However it would be nice to show it off a bit.

My solar system has a simple graphing option showing how much power you generate every day. It is quite cool to see and how hotter, overcast and shorter days affect total power.

Having a graph that shows water usage throughout the year would be cool to see on a dashboard.




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