Author Topic: Will LawnCheck Block irrigation when it is raining?  (Read 12444 times)


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Will LawnCheck Block irrigation when it is raining?
« on: November 17, 2008, 11:36:12 pm »
Yes.  There are two mechanisms to do this.

1.  LawnCheck provides weather dependent irrigation capability using Yahoo's real time weather data. Weather data forecasts are provided by zip code. You can setup your irrigation cycles to stop watering if the weather forecast indicates precipitation at the time that a cycle starts.

2.  The EtherRain controller has a rain sensor input and offers a very low cost rain sensor that will sense rain and stop irrigation.  This sensor might be beneficial in some micro-climates where the local weather doesn't always reflect that provided by the zip code forecast.

Also, LawnCheck's RainBrain option can automatically block irrigation cycles that are scheduled to run the day after rain has been detected.  (See the Weather Setup section for more information on RainBrain)

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