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Can I run ad-hoc or off-schedule cycles easily?


LawnCheck provides a manual cycle operation function called "Quick Cycle."  In addition to storing up to 5 scheduled programs, LawnCheck will store up to 5 "Quick Cycles" so if you need to easily run a manual cycle, you can store the cycle on-times and select the cycle.  This makes running ad-hoc cycles easy.

Quick Cycle is available on LawnCheck by selecting your device and then from the tabs on the schedule page, click "Actions" and then click "Start a Quick Cycle."

LawnCheck is excellent for running scheduled cycles that offer seasonal and weather variation to optimize your irrigation and water use.  If you want to perform valve testing or run manual cycles immediately, consider using the ZonePopper apps with your smart phone.  ZonePopper apps offer local immeditate control and are available for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices. 

ZonePopper for iPhone
ZonePopper for Android

Smartphone formatted pages are also available from the LawnCheck website.  Manual cycles can be executed from the LawnCheck Smartphone pages though execution is subject to up to 5 minute delays.



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