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What makes LawnCheck a better choice than a timer-in-a-box controller?


LawnCheck provides many benefits over timer-in-a-box type sprinkler controllers even the network connected ones.  

A box-scheduled controller contains all of its operating software and user-interface software within the controller.  This limits the user interface making this type of controller just as difficult to use as an old-fashioned wall timer.  LawnCheck runs on a server and has access to almost unlimited computing resources.  This allows Lawncheck to provide a modern, true "web-based" interface that is much easier to use than any single box controller while also providing a far greater number of useful features.

Box controllers may not be updateable.  Lawncheck exists on a server and when new LawnCheck features are added every controller automatically has access to the new features.  LawnCheck provides instant upgrades when new features become available.

Pure box controllers are hard to access even if they have a network connection.  They require you to know their complex addresses to locate them to program them.  Plus if you want remote access, you have to open up a port on your router, making it easier for intruders to peer into your network, unless you are a firewall expert.  LawnCheck provides easy named access and does not require any changes to your network to use.

In addition, the pure box controllers are hard to manage.  A box controller requires you to individually log in to each controller to make changes and they can't notify you when a problem occurs.  LawnCheck lets you access up to three controllers with one easy login and can send you email  notification in the event of a problem.

In summary, Lawncheck provides significant advantages over local box controllers including:  
1.  a far greater set of features, including water saving features
2.  much easier progamming and ease of operation,
3.  automatic feature updates,
4.  much easier to access, both locally and remotely.  



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