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How can I tell if my programs are starting on time?


LawnCheck provides a log of commands delivered to your controller.  The log also includes entries for commands that were scheduled but not delivered due to a block, local rain, weather forecast, RainBrain, or temporary suspend.

The log provides the time that each command was delivered to your controller.  The time is referenced in your local time, including daylight savings time if appropriate.  The delivery time however is usually not the time that your command actually runs because most commands are delivered early.  

Within the log, an Irrigate command is noted with an (S) and usually includes the prefix ">>xi"  The first number after this prefix is the delay in minutes that the controller will wait before running your command.

So to find the time that your Irrigate command actually ran from the log, take the delivery time and then add the delay time.

Here's an example log entry:
07-04-2009 04:08:20 IP: ac:ZZZ99AAA01 dn:Irrigate2 cmd:(S)IRRIGATE-->>xi=52:24:24:20:10:0:10:0:0

The log entry shows that the command was delivered July 4th, 2009 at 4:08 am.  The first number in the "xi=" command is 52.  To get the actual run time, add 52 minutes to the deliver time, 4:08, to get the start time of 5:00 am.


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