Author Topic: How can my maintenance guy access my controller?  (Read 12848 times)


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How can my maintenance guy access my controller?
« on: June 30, 2009, 05:37:10 pm »
The best and easiest way to give your lawn maintenance crew access to your controller is through the ZonePopper Apps using a mobile device.  Your crew can perform valve tests and run test cycles easily through these apps.  Your crew will need access to a device that can access your Wifi network.  Many Low cost, small, tablets that run android are available that work well for this application.  Just install ZonePopper on the device and give your crew access to the device.

ZonePopper for iPhone
ZonePopper for Android

In addition, the LawnCheck smartphone site provides access to your controller using your email address and a share code.  You give your maintenance crew your email address and your share code.  They can then use their smartphone to turn your valves on and off for testing and maintenance.    The smartphone site has valve testing functionality. 

Anyone who accesses your LawnCheck account through the email/share code method cannot see or change your account data.  They cannot change your schedules.  You can control access by changing your share code at any time.

Also, immediate mode has has been available for a few years within LawnCheck through the SmartPhone site:
You have to open a port on your router for immediate mode to work;  it works well and lets your maintenance crew get immediate valve testing through an Internet connection  - they don't have to access your WiFi.

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