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Do I need to enter my controller password into LawnCheck?


It is not necessary to enter your controller password into LawnCheck.  LawnCheck doesn't use your password as all communications between your controller and LawnCheck are initiated by your controller.

The password field is provided for storage in case you change your controller password and want to file it somewhere.

If you are in the process of configuring your controller and it hasn't yet connected to LawnCheck, please confirm the following from the configuration funciton of  EtherRain Admin or EtherRain Admin Java:

1.  Is the controller name entered within your controller the same as your device name within Lawncheck?  

2.  Is the controller operating mode set to: Poll Mode?

3.  Is the Scheduling Service set to:

4.  Does the account number field contain your 10 digit LawnCheck account number?

If all of these conditions are met and the EtherRain Admin connectivity test indicate "Accessible" and "Confirmed" then your controller should begin communicating with LawnCheck.


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