Author Topic: How reliable and dependable is LawnCheck?  (Read 12001 times)


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How reliable and dependable is LawnCheck?
« on: June 27, 2009, 09:23:07 am »
LawnCheck is a web application running on a server on the Internet.   LawnCheck uses the Internet to deliver irrigation commands to your controller so reliability and dependability will depend on the quality of your Internet connection.

In the US,  telephone and cable companies have invested literally billions of dollars to provide reliable Internet connections to their customers, and in many locations Internet connections are now being used to carry standard phone service.  Today, 99.9% of all Internet connections (DSL and Cable) provide connectivity that exceeds the level needed to provide reliable irrigation.

In addition, LawnCheck, in conjunction with the EtherRain controllers,  uses a protocol designed to ensure reliable irrigation command delivery, even if your connection is on the fringe of reliablility.  

Each LawnCheck account provides detailed Internet connection reports and comprehensive email alerting, so you can judge the quality of your Internet connection and you can have confidence that your irrigation commands are being reliably delivered.