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How does the Smart Tree Irrigation Program work?


Trees generally need to be irrigated differently than general landscaping to promote health and to prevent roots from growing along the surface.  Generally trees are irrigated at less frequent intervals and with a longer duration than turf grass, shrubs, and gardens.  This  allows water to penetrate into the ground to promote deep root growth.  If you have separate zones set up for your trees, or if you need infrequent irrigation for other plant types, you can use the Smart Tree program template.

The Smart Tree Irrigation program lets you easily select weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly irrigation cycles plus you can select Multi-cycle to reduce or eliminate potential runnoff.   Monthly setbacks are also provided. 

Generally trees should be irrigated using drip or trickle irrigation systems and should be irrigated on separate zones.  Because of this, the Smart Tree program enable late delivery for an extra measure of reliability given infrequent irrigation periods.

To add a Smart Tree program to your schedule, just select the Smart Tree program option from the Actions Tab.

With Smart Tree you can say goodbye to hose watering  8) while knowing that your trees are getting the irrigation they need to grow and prosper.


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