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Lawncheck Short Circuit Detection Information


The EtherRain controller contains short circuit detection circuitry.  Power is removed from the relays if a short is detected - this prevents damage.  LawnCheck reports this status under the statistics tab.

Once the short circuit indicator is set, it remains set until another Irrigation command is received and executed.    LawnCheck continues delivering commands to the controller, as scheduled, even if the short circuit indicator is detecting a short circuit. 

It is possible to receive a FALSE short circuit indication.  This can happen if power is removed from the EtherRain controller while an irrigation cycle is running.   This can occur as a result of a power outage, or by switching off the controller's power while it is running a cycle.

If you see that your LawnCheck account shows that a short circuit is currently being detected, you can reset the indicator by running a quick cycle (all times 0 will reset the indicator).  Then either wait until the next scheduled irrigation cycle runs, or run a quick cycle with some time on each zone.   Check the short indicator after the cycle has completed.  If the indicator still detects a short, then it's time to check the wires or valves,  otherwise your system is working without any problems.  

If you are getting intermittent short indicators here are a few things to check: 
First, check your transformer to make sure it has enough power to open your sprinkler valves.  An underrated transformer can cause a Voltage dip while it tries to open the valve.  Your transformer should be rated at .4 to .6 Amps to open one valve. 
Second, check that the valve wires are fully insulated and firmly connected to the valve. 
Third, your valve solenoid could be starting to fail requiring extra current to turn it on.

If the short indication is a result of a power outage, the indicator will clear without any need for intervention after the next cycle runs. :)


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