Author Topic: What is "RainBrain" and how does it Work?  (Read 13054 times)


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What is "RainBrain" and how does it Work?
« on: March 28, 2009, 08:48:39 am »
RainBrain is an option that can significantly reduce or block a scheduled irrigation cycle if rain has been detected within the previous 24 hours.  RainBrain requires the use of a local rain sensor.  A low cost sensor is available from the manufacturer of EtherRain, although most any commercially available (normally off) rain sensor will also work.

It's frustrating when your automatic irrigation system runs while its raining.  LawnCheck with weather can automatically prevent this most of the time, and LawnCheck with weather and a local rain sensor can prevent this all of the time.  

The next most frustrating experience with an automated system is when a scheduled cycle runs the day after a rainy period - when irrigation isn't really needed.  LawnCheck with a local rain sensor and RainBrain can now also prevent this frustration.

RainBrain continuously monitors the amount of time that a local rain sensor reports rain.  Based on the amount of time the sensor is active RainBrain reduces or blocks the run times of scheduled cycles that occur within 24 hours after rain.    While most rain sensors stay active for periods after rain has stopped, many dry out too soon, thereby allowing unnecessary irrigation.   All RainBrain activity is noted within the irrigation command log.

RainBrain is an option that can be applied on a program basis.
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