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How do I configure my EtherRain controller for use with Lawncheck?


To configure EtherRain, connect EtherRain to your network using a patch cable between EtherRain and a switch or router port.   Using a 24VAC sprinkler valve transformer, apply power to EtherRain.

EtherRain is intially configured with DHCP on and expects to receive a networking address from the local DHCP server when it is powered up.  DHCP is a standard addressing service that removes much of the work involved in configuring networking nodes.  

Download and install EtherRain Admin software (click here for download information.)  Install EtherRain Admin software on a computer that is attached to the same network as your EtherRain.  (If using a Mac or Linux, use the Java version of EtherRAin Admin)  Run EtherRain Admin software.  It will find your controller.  Click the configure button and make the following changes on the configuration screen:

1.  Enter the name of the device you created on LawnCheck in the Name field
2.  Enter your 10 digit LawnCheck account number in the field provided
3.  Change the operating mode to "Polling" by clicking the radio button next to "Polling
4.  Double check your entries, then click the Update button.

Your controller will be reset, and if your entries were correct, your controller will start communicating with Lawncheck.  You should see an "ok" in the status screen from LawnCheck within 10 minutes.

You can remove power from EtherRain at any time, then mount the controller and connect your valves.  When you power EtherRain back up, it will again start communicating with LawnCheck.

It's important to enter your 10 digit Lawncheck assigned account number into the field labeled "Account."  Don't input your user id into this field.

Some installations might require static network addressing.  EtherRain can be configured with a static address during configuration.


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