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Commerically available rain sensors..
« on: December 13, 2008, 09:26:07 am »
If you live in a climate where your precipitation doesn't always match that provided by the immediate weather forecast, a local rain sensor might help save irrigation water.   

There are a number of commercially available rain sensors that will work with EtherRain.  Sensors like "Mini-Click" or "Rain-Click" and any other "normally open" rain sensor will work.   Make sure to specify a "normally open" rain sensor (these are the types designed to connect to a rain sensor input).

The QuickSmart rain sensor was designed specifically to work with EtherRain and will not work with other controllers.  This sensor is smaller and lighter and less costly than others.

All of these sensors will disable irrigation locally both during precipitation and for a length of time after precipitation, so you won't irrigate right after it has stopped raining or during a period of intermittent scattered showers.
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