Author Topic: I want to use MultiCycle to reduce runoff, how do I use it?  (Read 13160 times)


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I want to use MultiCycle to reduce runoff, how do I use it?
« on: December 04, 2008, 11:50:16 am »
MultiCycle is a LawnCheck feature that divides a program into either two or three watering cycles with an intervening delay.  Multicycle automatically performs "cycle splitting" also called "cycle and soak."

To use MultiCycle, set the initial start time, as you normally would, and set the zone times as you normally would (though see note below).   Then select the number of cycles from the "Number of Cycles" box.  Optionally you can change the pause time between cycles.   LawnCheck will automatically run the cycles and adjust the zone watering times for each cycle so that the total specified watering time is achieved.

When you use Multi-Cycle, all of the zones in the program will be "multi-cycled."  So, it's best to dedicate one program to zones that require cycle and soak irrigation.  LawnCheck lets you define up to 5 independent irrigation programs so it's easy to create a separate program for multi-cycle irrigation.

Note:  If you use Multicycle, you should choose zone times that are evenly dividable by the number of cycles you choose.  For example, if you choose to use 3 cycles, your zone times should be evenly dividable by three (ie. 9,12, 15, etc). 
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