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How often should my lawn be watered, and for how long?


Many people want to understand more about the best way to water their lawns.  There is no one answer because the answer depends on your climate, soil type, and sun exposure.  Here's some quick  general information:

1.  You need to get water to the roots at a depth of 3 to 5 inches.  You need to apply enough water so that it penetrates to that level.  This will help roots penetrate downwards for healthier turf and less surface evaporation.

2.  You need to allow the soil to dry out in between waterings, so the roots can get oxygen.

The number of minutes that you turn your sprinklers on depends on the rate that water is being applied.  This is usually measured in Gallons per Minute, though you can more easily measure by setting up some short plastic cups on your landscape while running a cycle.  In the most general sense you'll want to apply between 1/4" and 1/2" of water each time you irrigate.  Frequency of irrigation will depend on temperature and soil type.  If your soil is lighter (ie, loamy or sandy) you'll apply less water but more frequently and if your soil is heavy (more clay) you'll water less frequently.

Many turf landscapers prefer heavier watering at intervals of only two times per week.  In hot weather, an extra cycle or two keeps the turf looking healthy.

The most common mistake most people make is to irrigate too frequently.

Post any comments, questions here!   Opinions from pro landscapers appreciated.

Here's a link to a short article on irrigating turf grass:



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