Author Topic: How to use the "Deactivate if Temperature is Cool" option  (Read 9613 times)


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How to use the "Deactivate if Temperature is Cool" option
« on: November 19, 2008, 12:06:18 pm »
LawnCheck includes an option to Deactivate or not run a cycle if the temperature falls below a cool weather value that you set.

This option is provided for use generally in spring and fall when periods of cooler than normal weather set in unexpectedly.  During periods of unseasonably cool weather your landscape generally needs less water than normal.  The water than you apply stays in the ground longer, doesn't evaporate as fast, and plants don't use it for their growth.  If you continue to irrigate while in cool weather you'll find your soil becoming muddy, and this isn't good for grass and plants.

If you select this option, LawnCheck gets the days forecast high temperature at the irrigation cycle start time.  If the forecast high temperature is less than the cool weather value that you have selected the irrigation cycle will not be run.  This will be noted in the log. 

Generally you can include this option in at least one of your cycles.