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How to use the "Activate Only on High Temp" option


A cycle that has the "Activate Only on High Temp" option checked will run only if one or both of the following conditions are met:

1.  The current temperature, at the start time of the cycle, exceeds the Hot Temperature value that you specified.
2.  The forecast high temperature for the day, as of the start time of the cycle, meets or exceeds the Hot Temperature value that you specified.

Generally this option is only checked to provide supplemental irrigation during times when the temperature is hotter than expected.

This option lets you define a "Hot Weather" cycle.  The advantage of defining a Hot Weather cycle is that you can generally reduce water application on your main cycles knowing that if the weather turns hot, more water will automatically be applied.

Hi Jim,
Can you confirm that this is only meant to be used in a 'Program' that is dedicated to only run if the weather is 'hot' per the temp that I choose in lawncheck?


Hi ihstiv,

Yes that is correct.  Called a "hot cycle" or warm weather cycle, it will run when either the current temperature at the time the command is delivered is above the "hot" threshold, or if the current forecast high temperature for the day is above the "hot" threshold.

This type of cycle allows you to reduce the amount of irrigation you would normally have to deliver because you won't have to cover for any abnormally hot weather.  When a "hot spell" arrives the "hot cycle" kicks in to provide extra needed irrigation.

Hope this answers,


Nice - thanks for the clarification!

I would think that it would be best to deliver the extra irrigation cycle in the early morning using the temp forecast for the day instead of delivering it during the actual hot weather to avoid evaporation and delivering heated water to plants in some cases..

As long as I set up my 'program' to run in the early morning, this is exactly what it should do - so all is well.

Thanks again.


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