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How Do I make a weather dependent irrigation cycle? (PART 2)


If you've read Part 1 then your weather is set up.  Next step to making a weather dependent cycle is to create or edit a cycle and then assign weather dependency to the cycle.  This is all very easy to do. 

From your device schedule, click the Notepad Icon to edit the cycle.  At the bottom of the cycle definition form, you'll see three checkboxes:

Activate Only on High Temp (90F or more):
Deactivate on Precipitation:
Deactivate if Temperature is Cool (66F or less):

You'll see the temperature values that you provided instead of the example values listed.  By simply checking off these option boxes you can make your cycle dependent on weather.

See other posts on this board for more information about the effects that these options have on your irrigation and how to best use these options to optimize your irrigation.


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