Author Topic: I checked all three weather boxes when setting up a cycle. What will happen?  (Read 11031 times)


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The three boxes that you checked are:

Activate Only on High Temp (90F or more):
Deactivate on Precipitation:
Deactivate if Temperature is Cool (66F or less):

(the numbers 90 and 66 will be different depending on where you set your control points)

If you selected all three, this is what will happen:
1.  if the current temperature is above 90 or above or the current forecast is for a high of 90 or above, 60 minutes before the cycle is scheduled to run, then the cycle will run -unless precipitation is currently cited in the current forecast.  If precipitation in currently cited, the program will not run.

2.  if the current temperature is below 90 AND if the current forecast HI is below 90 then this cycle will not run

When you select "Activate on High Temperature", the selection of "Deactivate on Cool Temperature" has no effect, because the cycle will only run when it is hot.

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