Author Topic: How do I reset the EtherRain controller to the original factory set parameters?  (Read 23946 times)


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Usually the only time you would have to do this is if you change the default password of the EtherRain controller and subsequently forget the password.

To reset to default settings:

1. Unplug the power transformer or disconnect the power plug.
2. Remove the top from the enclosure by removing the four screws located at the bottom of the enclosure.
3. Locate the two pin jumper located on the relay board.  A blue or black plastic jumper is provided. 
4. Install the Jumper block to connect the two jumper pins..
5. Make sure the Ethernet connector remains connected to the network.
6. Re-apply power to the controller for 20 seconds.
7. Remove power by unplugging the transformer or disconnecting the power plug.
8. Remove the jumper, reposition the jumper so it no longer connects the two jumper pins together.
9. Re-install the cover and the screws.

The original configuration of the EtherRain controller is:

2. Default address:
3. Default netmask:
4. Default password: pw

Once the controller has been reset, it can be configured using the Windows-based EtherRain Admin configuration software.

According to the manufacturer, if you open the controller, you void the warranty, so if you do this, please be careful!
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