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I've already registered, what is the process to get started?


1. Create a Device (Click the Add Device button at User Home page).
2. Set up a schedule (Click the View Schedule button at User Home page) then add some cycles (a cycle is also sometimes referred to as a 'program').
3. Collect your account number (10 digit number shown at top right of User Main page) and the name of the device that you created.
4. Configure your EtherRain 8 controller using the Eviro Admin Utility (downloadable here) and fill in the following fields for use with LawnCheck:

Device Name: Enter your device name
Scheduling Host: (should already be there)
Account: Enter your 10 Digit Account number.
Operating Mode: Select the "Poll Mode" option.
Click the update button.

Your controller is now ready to work with LawnCheck. Given that your controller has Internet access, your irrigation setup is complete. It will take about 10 minutes before LawnCheck fully synchronizes with your controller. You can modify your irrigation schedule at any time.


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