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OpenWeather weather feed
« on: May 29, 2021, 01:20:17 pm »
We have recently updated LawnCheck to support the OpenWeather weather feed.  OpenWeather provides accurate weather forecasts worldwide.   

To use OpenWeather you need to obtain an access key and supply a Latitude and Longitude coordinate for your location.   

Please see our weather setup page for information on obtaining a free access key.

A Latitude and Longitude coordinate can be easily obtained from Google Maps.    Open Google maps and click on a location until you see a small panel at the bottom of the page that contains coordinates.  Then click on the coordinates (they are linked).  A panel will open on  the left of the screen.  Select the coordinates and copy them (Cntl-C for windows) and then paste the coordinates into the OpenWeather Location field in LawnCheck.   Select the "Use OpenWeather" check box, then click save.    If you enter coordinates manually make sure to separate the values with a comma.

An example coordinate for San Jose CA is:  37.313372, -121.984729

OpenWeather offers a weather forecast including current conditions, temperatures, and PoP (probability of precipitation) so it is very useful for controlling near term irrigation cycles.  Like most weather forecasts, it does not provide rain gauge information.

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