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How do I Extend an Ethernet Connection to where my Controller is located?


There are three ways:

1. Run a CAT5 cable. A single cable run for 10/100 Base-T can be up to 300 ft long.

2. Wireless Bridge. WiFi bridges are inexpensive at around $15 to $50 and will provide from one to four local
Ethernet ports seamlessly connecting through your Wifi. Repeaters can increase the range. You need to be running a WiFi network for this to work.

For information on using a wireless bridge with EtherRain, download this App Note: EtherRain to WiFi: Easy and Economical

3. Use an Ethernet Power Line Bridge. Reliable power line bridges are now available. They are capable of extending Ethernet to any location where a power outlet is located with the caveat of distance and outlet combination limitations.


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