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I know that you probably get this a lot, but I would love support for YR.No for weather forecasting. My reasons are as follows;

1) They provide more granular predictions based on your area. For example, rain forecasts are different for different areas in the same city. So with WU I suspect that a schedule will be skipped based on a forecast even though I did not get any rain.
2) They are super accurate! If they say it will start raining and 3 and stop at 5 you bet that is what is going to happen.
3) They provide hourly forecasts and continually adjust forecasts. (Not sure this will affect anything.)
4) I suspect their international coverage would be a bit better.

Thanks for reading and considering the proposal.



Hello Paul,
Thank you for your request.  I haven't heard of YR.No - I'll look into it and see what they offer.

For forecast using PoP with WeatherUnderground I would recommend using a high PoP threshold if it is important that your greenscape receives water.  Using PoP as a control is a forecast method designed to reduce unnecessary irrigation and because it is a forecast it won't be 100%.   WeatherUnderground uses NOAA for forecasting they don't have a proprietary forecast algorithm.  For Northern California the PoP forecast has been accurate, however I'd recommend a threshold of 60% or above.


Thanks Jim,

I appreciate it and will look into the PoP feature.

When I used to water manually I would still water on rainy days and reduce the time per zone based on the amount of rainfall. (It drizzles a lot in Cape Town.) That way I ensure that I get good penetration on days with only a little bit of rain.



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