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Example Water Saving Schedule...
« on: November 21, 2008, 06:20:25 pm »
Here's the program schedule I use for a suburban San Jose CA residence.  This controller uses Yahoo weather and also has an EtherRain Rain Sensor because of our micro climate.

1.  Main.  Primarily turf twice a week; 100% in summer, 60% spring/fall; Start Time:  around 6:00 am.  Deactivates if temperature goes below 66 F;  deactivates on Rain Forecast or Rain Sensor;
2.  Garden.  (This is a drip circuit)  Three times a week 30 minutes; 100% in summer only; Start Time around 9:00 am - good start time to reduce snail activity
3.  Hot Summer.  Twice a week scheduled after Main.  Activates only if daily temperature forecasted to be above 90 F
4.  Winter Only.  Twice a week but only the front sunny areas.  Deactivates if temperature below 66 F; deactivates on Rain in Forecast or Rain Sensor. (This program doesn't turn on much)
5.  Not using the fifth program yet.

This has really cut down on water use and keeps the grass healthy.  Lets me water the front yard only (backyard doesn't need irrigation in the winter)   Let's me start the garden at the best time to reduce insect/snail damage.

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