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Total Time indicator for individual program


Would it be possible to add either a Total Time indication or a Scheduled End of Cycle indication to the Schedules Screen?  Base-60 math is not my strong suit, so it would be very helpful to have some indication of when an individual program would normally end assuming its start time and calendar-based percentage.

Yes, displaying a total cycle run time/end of cycle time is possible and would be very useful.  We added a similar indicator to our OptiRain for Windows scheduler during its last update and so also need to provide this in LawnCheck, (along with a visual skip and overlap indicator!).  We'll try to get this done this fall/winter.  We spent a lot of time on the weather source last year and now need to add some improved usability tweeks for scheduling.

Thank you for the suggestion.



Ditto this suggestion as a simple way to make sure the schedule doesn't run into the late morning when evaporation is higher.


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