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Hi All,

Has anybody here tried underground irrigation yet?

I have found a company that does a grey water system that irrigates from underground. I have decided against using grey water due to glycerine (found in most soaps) buildup that can happen over the years making the ground barren. However, I'm still very keen on the hoses they use.

They use a new technique that prevents the holes from clogging up, which is good for grey water but maybe not required for rain water. I'm still concerned about cavities above each hole as well as the grass growing into and clogging the holes which they also say they have solved.

The other negative is of course that it will be difficult to aerate the lawn without potentially puncturing the underground piping and keeping track of where the pipes are when maintenance are required.

My main reason for wanting to go underground is the fact that we live in a very windy area which can make scheduling quite tricky and the fact that it requires less water to keep your lawn green.

Advice and opinions would be appreciated.




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