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More water on hot, dry days


We've had LawnCheck going for a good year now.   What a nice, solid product.  I recommend it wherever I can.

One fairly big limitation I've observed is that my lawn is not getting enough water during unseasonably hot or dry weather.  

LawnCheck has as "Hot days" feature, but one temperature threshold is not sufficient.   85 degrees is unseasonably hot for May, but is a cool day in August.    This means I have to manually adjust it every month.    It'd be neat if we could specify a "hot" day as a number of degrees away from the "season average" that most weather services provide.

Another way to attack this issue is to look at the humidity level.  My lawn really has problems when the humidity gets into the single digits like it has this week.

Thanks for the great product!

Hi djrobx,

Thanks for your input; it's an interesting idea, and historic monthly or seasonal temperatures are generally available.



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