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Increase inter-cycle time
« on: July 25, 2011, 09:42:31 pm »
During very hot weather, bermuda grass will "burn" in the heat.  Golf courses typically water greens several times a day to prevent this heat damage.  I would like to be able to create a cooling cycle program that would run each zone for just a few minutes to cool the grass.  Ideally, this should be done 2 or more times during an afternoon at about 2 hour intervals.

If I understand the inter-cycle feature correctly, one program can be split so that each zone runs for portion of its program, rests for the inter-cycle time, and then runs for the remainder of the programmed time.  If the intercycle time could be increased and possibly made user specified, it would be possible to create a single program that would automatically cool the lawn at specified intervals whenever the temperature is above the heat threshold temp.