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two pause features


1. I would like to have the ability to click a single button to pause all zones at once - essentially and 'off' switch, that would remain off until I switch it back to 'on'.

Currently I have to pause each zone individually, and specify how many days I want to pause for. It makes sense to leave this feature intact, but just add a global 'off' switch as well. I suppose I could just unplug the controller to have the same effect, but it's not in a convenient location for me, and I'd like to be able to do it remotely.

2. It would be great if there were a feature that could be configured to 'pause' all zones for x # of days after it rains. I think it would have to be based on weather reports and/or rainbrain - with the pause switch being tripped after x amount of continuous rain. 

The ground stays nice and wet here for several days here after a big rain.


Hello Steve,

Currently with LawnCheck you must pause every program.  I guess if you have multiple controllers this might get tedious hence the call for a global pause.  We haven't thought of the global pause and will have to think through it.

If you have multiple controllers we now have sequential linking allowing you to create 16 and 24 zone programs.  In this case, if you linked, you'd only have to pause the starting program.

Thanks for your request.


I know this topic is old, but there appears to be nothing newer than 2015 in here. I wanted to piggy back off of this request. I too find myself having to pause my schedule and the with the 9 day limitation it requires me to stay on top of things so that my sprinklers do not turn on when the ground is still nice and wet. Living in Southern California we can go a long time without rain, but then when it does rain the weather forecasts are so inaccurate (even with local weather stations) that my only real gauge is the ground saturation. My request would just be to simply allow more than 9 days to the current pause feature. I already link my controllers so that makes it easier to just pause 1. I hope you will consider this.



How many days would you like to be able to pause your irrigation?



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