Author Topic: What does "LATE" mean in the Status tab?  (Read 11118 times)


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What does "LATE" mean in the Status tab?
« on: July 14, 2011, 06:39:07 pm »
Ideally the controller reports in to LawnCheck  every 5 mins.  If more than 10 minutes have elasped since the last time the controller reported in,  the LATE indicator appears in status screen.  When the controller reports in again, the status will change to OK.

If you see a LATE in the status screen it doesn't mean that your controller isn't working.  The controller may have encountered network congestion, usually locally, and will continue trying to check in every five minutes.  You can view your connection report to monitor your controller's connection history with LawnCheck.  It is normal to see some connection outages.

If you receive an email notice entitled "24 Hour Check-in Alert" that means your controller hasn't reported within the last 24 hour hours and you should investigate your controller or your network connection.