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Shared access
« on: July 10, 2010, 01:46:32 pm »

I thought of another improvement.

My landscaping guy always has a laptop with him.  Because he's always outside and his hands are dirty, his phone is not a smart phone.  It's old beater phone, in case he breaks it or drops it in a ditch.

So the shared access won't work for him, because he's using an old phone.

But like I say, he's always got his laptop in his truck.  So, as a suggestion, if you could have the Shared Access code available via a browser, that would be great. 

Part 2, I have no problem letting him change/edit Programs.  The only thing I don't want him to have access to, is "My Data".  He doesn't need access there.  So it'd also be nice to either have an option, "Allow Shared Access Code to edit Programs", or, when the Shared Access code is entered, editing Programs is available.



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Re: Shared access
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2010, 04:56:09 pm »
Hi Gangee,

Regarding shared access via phone or laptop: 
The current shared access mechanism will continue to work for your landscaping guy.  Your landscape contractor can simply use his laptop to access the same pages that the smart phone accesses.  So, pages are simply web pages that have been optimized for a phone sized screen.  I use them all the time with my main browser.

Feature Extension Request:  Allow shared access to also change the schedules without access to "my data."   Interesting suggestion.  I'll think through that.