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iPad2 not showing both controllers -- bug?


Hey Jim,

I have two controllers. On my iPad, when I login to the web interface (not the smart phone interface), the "Select a Device" is blank. I can tap the down arrow, tap one of my controllers and make it active that way, but on initial login, "Select a Device" is blank.

I checked from my iPhone using the smart phone site, it works normally. I also checked the non-smart phone site using my browser from my desktop, it works normally -- both controllers show. So I'm guessing the non-smart phone login isn't quite optimized for iOS devices? Or if so, then maybe this is a bug?

Once I tap the controller from the drop down arrow, however, I've not had any problems.


Hi Gangee,

Thanks for the notification.  The LawnCheck site hasn't been optimized for use with the iPad or iPhone, those devices require a little extra coding.  The SmartPhone site was written with iPhone in mind and so should display as expected.  I'll have to put this on the list of things to do!




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