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installation in a structured wiring panel


I plan to install two EtherRain controllers in a structured wiring panel:
along with my network switch and cables.  Do you see any problems with this?  i.e. would the EtherRains (and a shared power supply) generate a lot of heat or are they particularly susceptible to heat?



Hi Larry,

The EtherRain controllers do not really generate much heat, they operate at about 0.5 Watt (yes, 1/2 Watt) each.   Your network switch will generate some heat though.  It looks like the cabinet has vents, but I wonder about how hot it will get within the wall cavity.  Most networking gear is designed for open air operation. 

Question, is the wall into which the panel is going to be placed an exterior wall that is subject to heat from the sun?  If so I would think you might want to make the vents bigger.  You'd want the high temperature to average around 80 to 90 F max with possible peaks to 100 F during the summer including heat generated from the switch. 

Hope this helps,


Great! I'm glad to hear the EtherRain won't add to the heat from the switch :)  It is an interior wall, so the sun shouldn't be an issue.

I did notice in this post:,102.0.html that you recommend keeping the sprinkler wires 6 inches from the ethernet cables, how important is that?  That wouldn't really be possible if they are in the same cabinet.

Would using the filters you mentioned in that post help with reliability at all?  I'll be running sprinkler wire in three directions, I think the longest run will be about 70 feet.



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