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pause watering on a specific date


The pause function looks nice, but I would like to be able to put in specific dates to pause watering for specific zones across all schedules.

For instance, if I know we will have a birthday party in the back yard a month from now, it would be great if I could put in the date and specify that no watering should be done by any schedule on any of the back yard zones on that date.  The rest of the zones in the schedules should not be affected.  This would be much better than having to remember to pause all the relevant schedules the night before the party.

Thanks for considering it!


Hi Larry,

Wow, you must be an exceptional planner!  Blackout dates are an interesting idea.  It's a possibility, can't guarantee that feature at this point though.  If anyone else has thoughts on this please post.


LOL, more like my wife is the planner and I'm the one who is likely to forget :) So if I can put in the blackout dates ahead of time then everyone is happy ;D


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