Author Topic: Smart Irrigation has been great for me  (Read 11398 times)


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Smart Irrigation has been great for me
« on: July 28, 2010, 08:14:01 am »

Smart Irrigation has definitely been worth it for us.  

I've saved water, because I can edit a Schedule for anywhere -- LawnCheck works great from any browser and my iPad.  Before I had to call my landscape guy to make any changes.

The rain sensor and Rain Brain have also saved me water.  I didn't have either before.  I'd just turn off the clock when it rained.  Then of course I'd forget to turn it back on after it rained.    

We have a lot of landscaping and Smart Irrigation has made it easy to manage.  Our lot is 6/10 acre.  Aside from the house foot print, everything else is landscaping.  I never understood how my zones were laid out.  I tried making changes to the clock but I'd always end up screwing something up because the clock is designed to be operated by landscaping people, not homeowners. Watering is key and I lost a lot of landscaping, wasted a lot of money, all because I couldn't take control of the watering.  

Smart Irrigation has also got me out in my yard -- which I really enjoy.  I'm in tech and I need to unplug.  Now that I know exactly how my zones are setup and I can control my watering, my landscaping is no longer a mystery to me.  I no longer have to wonder how things work, what zones do what, and deal with an irrigation clock that was setup for landscaping professionals -- not homeowners.  It also helps that I have a landscaping guru who's teaching me little things.  For those of you out there who don't have a green thumb, I highly recommend finding a mentor.

The support I've received here from you has been great which is also key.  You've always answered my questions promptly and there's plenty of content here to answer anything else I need.        

I would highly recommend using Smart Irrigation to anyone who've motivated to save water and who enjoys being a part of their landscape/yard.  For me, it's brought a lot of joy and helped me unwind.  

= Gangee


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Re: Smart Irrigation has been great for me
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2010, 07:37:40 pm »
Hi Gangee,
Thanks for your posts.  The most important element of the system is reliability and that depends mainly on the quality of your Internet connection.  You are running a lot of programs spread throughout the day, so your application is a good test of LawnCheck. 

So far it looks to me like your connection is stellar with only very slight congestion during the midafternoon, really nothing even to write about, so with a great connection LawnCheck is like having a user friendly browser based scheduling server right on your property without having to worry about computer issues.  Let's hope this continues.

The problem with the highend controller boxes, like the ones your were using is that they provide all of these great options and features but are limited in the user interface to dials and buttons.  The dial/button interface effectively makes all the great features unusable unless you program the boxes for a living - which many do.

Good to hear you are out enjoying your landscape and saving water.